UNSW PhotoDash Video

Once again, it’s been a while since I last posted. It’s been quite busy these days, and haven’t been able to shoot much. Actually more like haven’t had time to edit any of the things I shot. A couple of week ago, UNSW PhotoClub held the infamous PhotoDash event! It is like the Amazing Race but with photography involved! That’s like…two forms of awesome moulded into one epic event! Making members run across Sydney CBD from Darling Harbour all the way to Luna park over a course of 5 hours was hilarious. The only part that was not funny was that I had to run with them…operating a flycam. That was exhausting.

For this video, I basically took inspiration from Devin Super Tramp, for his awesome exciting and fun videos. Especially with his steadicam work. It was a great fun making this video, and I really hope I have another opportunity to film a big event like this!

I have to give my thanks to all those who made this possible! Every executive in the PhotoClub really made this event what is was. Also thanks to all the videographers that helped me out, covering things I couldn’t possibly get.

And the music! Omg, selecting music is one of the hardest job in my opinion. For a video which uses only a music track and no audio, the music you choose is imperative to the overall feel of your video. I spent hours and hours looking through creative commons content, trying to find a piece that I think would have fit my video. Unfortuantely, I couldn’t find any, and so I resulted in using copywrited content (I did buy the song, and it was not pirated), a song called You Always Make Me Smile by Kyle Andrews. Please support him buy going to this link here! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you-always-make-me-smile-single/id378318741

I’m going to try something new. Everytime I post a video, I’m going to include a “What I’ve Learnt” section. Hopefully, for those who actually read to the bottom of the post, would learn from my mistakes, or get some form of insight. So…

What I Learnt

For starters, working with multiple cameras is different to working with just your own. I wasn’t pedantic about it, but what I SHOULD have done, was get everyone to start at a similar picture profile before filming. It was crazy trying to match all the footage together in the end, and as you can see in the video, I tried but failed.

Also, music is so important. Spend time finding your music, but you have to work on your edit or you’ll never get it done. So my advice is to choose an existing song you have that’s similar but not perfect, and start selecting your shots and editing to that. This way you get something done, and when you do find your music, you can always tweak your edit to fit. It’s not the most elegant method, but when you’re short on time, it’s something I think is worth doing.

Lastly, practice using your gear. Running around with a flycam is exhausting. But what I found was that a lot of my shots were not usable. I need practice using that equipment. Equipment is only as good as the operator behind it.

Thanks for reading all this ramble. Hope you learnt something from my experiences and I promise I will post more!! I do have some videos lined up so yeh!!!

Stay sharp and keep shooting!

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Vivid Sydney 2012

Hey guys! Once again sorry for the down time. Nothing of interesting has really happened recently, so there was nothing to post. BUT things are picking up!! It is now university holidays and that comes from free time! As long as I don’t use this time procrastinating, there should be more content coming. Especially video, because I’m really getting into that stuff.

Now getting to the real stuff, for those people living in Sydney, you must have been aware that Vivid Sydney 2012 has just finished. Other than exploring the huge light festival, I also went around and filmed a lot of the action. I intended to make a video, but the end result was completely different to what I had planned. Not just the editing style, but also the whole feel of the video changed. From a fast paced, happy, upbeat video – to a slow, mysterious kind of video. Unfortunately, I took the shots with happy and quick in mind, so it was a huge challenge trying to adapt it to this theme. I think it turned out okay…

Sorry for the messy noise throughout the video. That’s one of the limitations of shooting with an entry-level DSLR camera.

Hope you enjoyed that!! Now for the updates section. Recently, I have been involved in shooting 2 short films with Daniel from LumenEssence Productions for an event called Quake Australia. This served as a great experience for someone venturing into this industry and has kept me wanting to do more. Hope I would be helping out in future projects!

Also, I have been starting to use Twitter. If there is anything you want to know or want to get in contact with me, you can always find me there at @William_Huynh

And that is it for this post!! Keep sharp and keep shooting!